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CanadaUmp, that was very well said. I lurk around this board for a few laughs and to learn something now and then (the umps here certainly do know the rules, which I respect as a coach). What's sad is the pure disdain some of these folks have for coaches and players, the very people who are there to create the actual game - this attitude shows a complete lack of disrespect for the game of baseball as a whole. This is noticeable in this thread and the thread where a coach came to ask a question about how best to handle a situation and was treated like pure crap.

Of course, I am sure these folks are in the minority. Just like there are some pretty horrid coaches, we all know there are some pretty horrid umpires - be it in their rule knowledge, ability to get judgment calls correct, game management, or just overall miserable attitude.

I always teach my kids to respect umpires, it really is a shame new umpires are not being taught to respect the game as a whole.

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