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Originally Posted by David M
13 Year old Babe Ruth game on Sunday. Every time team A had a man on base the team B pitcher, who looked like he had little or no pitching experience, was balking (not coming to a stop) on every pitch. Team A had no problem stealing so I let the balks go and told the team B coach after the first inning. Fast forward to the 7th inning. The game is relatively close (3 or 4 runs) when I hear the coach of team B complaining about the team A pitcher not coming to a stop.

The lessons learned are that no one gets a break and that no good deed goes unpunished.


What do you think a coach's job is?

Coach B was gaining and advantage with your "no balk" call so he's happy.

He wants the balk call for his team - but at meaningful time - so he waits.

No different that letting a BOO go until it matters.
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