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He's right to a degree...

Originally Posted by AFHusker
TRef and W_Sohl -- What did you think of Bob Williams' (UCSB men's coach) comment about being aware that one call could cost a coach his job?
The issue that he is really talking about is an official that screws up a rule, not judgement. There is no excuse for screwing up a rule, we should know the rules and an official that screws up a rule at the end of a game HAS possibly cost a coach his/her job or bonuses. Coaches have incentive laden contracts, finish in the top half of the Big Ten, top three, win Big Ten tourney, qualify for NCAA, advance to Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, Title game, Win it all. An offical that screws a rule can cost a coach 100s of thousands, if not millions, of dollars by not knowing his rules. We cn all face the fact that on occasion our judgement is going to be wrong, but as long as we are putting ourselves in the correct position to make te call and we slow ourselves down and see the whole play we will make the correct call a large majority of the time. Any official that doesn't see how our job can affect another man's job is nieve.
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