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Originally Posted by TRef21
I came late on Friday on missed all the passports since I was floor mentoring and talking with my evaluators. Some stuff about Bob. I think he is a real good guy. Has a lot of class and expects the most out of his players. What did he say about the topic. Did we work together??
No we didn't work together.

I agree that overall he seems like a good guy.

The example he used was a team making it to the Big West championship and losing because of a call late in the game thus not making it to the NCAA tourney because the conference usually only gets one team in. The losing team hadn't been to the NCAA tourney in a long time. He said that call late in the game could cost the coach his job.

With that said though, I was impressed with his statement to the players and coaches at the camp before the games started. He told them to treat the officials with respect. From the sounds of it he was pleased that the officials were T'g and ejecting if needed. One coach was ejected twice. Don't think his team will be invited back.
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