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Originally Posted by BigTex
NO! I dont care if an umpire just got done pi$$ing down his leg, there is never justification for a rat saying that to you. I don't care if he says it under his breath or not, if he says it to you, and you hear it....see ya later.
It wasn't often that my game was so bad that I tolerated back-talk from anyone. It was an extremely rare circumstance. But over the course of 20+ years, a bad game or two is inevitable. And the few times I did stink up the joint, the only rat on the field was me.

I wouldn't tolerate yelling insults at me or cursing, but a quiet reminder of how badly I was stinking was not something I would've ejected for. If I'm blowing multiple calls, I AM horrible.

And not only have I shown I can blow calls, but ejecting over small behavior shows I can also be an intolerant ninny after I do it, thus completing the picture of my incompetence. That's what turns a couple of bad calls into a big ugly ejection-fest where you have spectators insulting you as you walk to your car.

Admittedly, I don't approach such occasions with the bravado of some of my fellow umpires. I know I'm not alone either. That doesn't mean I lack the cajones to take out the trash. It just means I choose what to throw away very carefully.
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