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Its clear this player is toeing the line of what is acceptable. I wouldn't give a 14 year old credit for doing it on purpose though.

If a coach said "you're horrible" under his breath, well he's probably seeing what he can get away with (especially if you haven't worked a game with these teams before), or has lost control. If you suspect that he's lost control, obviously he's gone. But if he just toeing the line, then he's probably trying to get a word in without anyone noticing and making you look like the a**hole who wanted to pick a fight. The second a Coach starts to toe the line in this manner, IMO, he's already passed it.

That being said, perhaps you can jerk him back very quickly to the correct side. I've found that saying something back to him along the lines of buttoning it up, and then running to your next position, can give him a second decision to make. Something along the lines of "Coach, that play is over" sternly (but polite with your words in the pure verbage) should do it. Also, the stop sign can be a good way to show the serious tone you are taking while addressing him. Then the key is getting out of there. Don't let him have a chance to say anything back to you. If he wants to continue, or worse, chase you, he's chosen to have himself ejected. Not my decision, his. And also, every parent, player, and coach on his team can see that he lost control, and you'll have less problems the rest of the game. You tried to squash a problem, coach wouldn't let it go, and now its visible to every body in the park, making your ejection smoother.

If he stops his behavior right then and there, I'm simply on alert to his behavior the rest of the game.

If he mutters something back while you are running away, and its not personal, profane, prolonged, just keep running. Most coaches always need to have the last word. Be a professional and let him have it, assuming it doesn't break PPP.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the situation.
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