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Originally Posted by Jim Porter
So this team had an obviously blown call go against them thanks to your partner in the first game. Then they had another likely blown call go against them in the second game -- a call that, by your admission, you anticipated. Then pile on two additional whackers that both went against them too, just for good measure.

So is all that justification enough to keep a kid in the game who mutters under his breath, "You're horrible," and no one but you hears it?

Yes, I think so.
Different teams in the first game. If they aren't going to say anything when the first bangers go against them, they can't use it later in my mind. If they want to come out and discuss it and find out why I ruled the way I did, that's fine. But sitting on their hands and then complaining about it later is wrong, IMO.
Throwing people out of a game is like riding a bike- once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.- Ron Luciano
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