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You have to draw the line somewhere. Umpires have made the right call and then stopped the game to explain the call only to be told by a player or coach that they are just out there to give them some flack or to make an impression on the coach or or the fans. Those were the honest ones, who would admit to what they were doing. Then you get the liars who think they were right and refuse to believe the umpire made the right call and continue to put on a big show. There are also times when an umpire may be convinced he made the right call, when in reality, he may have been the one who did miss it. Last, there are time when the umpire is just flat out wrong, but past experience and pride will not allow him to see it.

Ask yourself if you feel you should have handled it differently. There are some here who insist the minute it gets personal, you have to throw them out. Otherwise you're in for one heck of a time. I don't take too many things personal from strangers that don't even know me. I don't really go out there to make mistakes but I also recognize I may not be perfect. I also hate the idea of throwing them out when I really know they are just voicing their frustrastion in a terrible manner, yet consistent with many other American tradition and cultural values. Make the call and get back in position for the next play. You live and learn from each experience.

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