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Today's musical guest: Chicago....

DH today, first game is 14-15 Babe Ruth. Game is moving along quickly until the top of the 5th, when a kid decides to slide headfirst into home. Catcher puts out his shinguard to block the plate, kid dives in...I think you guys get what happened. Bottom of the 5th, R2, 2-2 count on the batter, who foul tips it into the mitt for strike 3. R2 is off, out by a step or so, partner calls him safe. After the inning, partner asks why I didn't send the kid back to 2nd on a foul tip. I tell him as long as it's caught, it's live. Kid doesn't get it, says he's been umpiring 7 years and never knew that.

Anyway, game 2 of the DH, Sr. Babe Ruth. Partner who doesn't know about a foul tip is PU, actually is pretty liberal but consistent with his zone. As BU, I have a couple of pick-offs at 1st early. Visiting team is out both times. First time I got right, second time I think I probably kicked it because I anticipated. BUT, no one says anything, we play on. Top 5, visitors leading 5-3. Kid hits a shot to left-center, close play at third, I bang him out. Coach is shocked, yells "That's a horrible call!" I let it go because it's not personal and he doesn't follow it up. BR is walking off the field, glances towards me and mutters but says loud enough for me to hear "You're horrible." Boom, kid is gone. Coach starts yelling again "Why are you throwing him out, I said it, you can't throw him out for something I said!" Head coach starts yelling "I don't wanna say anything but you've had a few call and been wrong all afternoon." Boom, enjoy the ride home coach. Here's where it gets interesting though.

Team is from about an hour away. Show up with 6 because 3 of them are off getting pizza BEFORE the game. They show up 5-10 minutes late, we get started with 9. With this kid gone they have 8, so the coach pulls him team and goes home because they only have 8. So, my questions to you- would you have run the kid? He DID say I was horrible, but he muttered it and I don't think anyone outside the field heard it. Also, this team only had 9 and drove an hour to get there (even though they had to stop for pizza on the way). Would you have let them play with 8 if the coach hadn't pulled his team? Personally, I think if I had let him stay it would have only gotten worse. This is the first time I've run someone for something other than fighting, so any critiques/criticism are welcome, as long as it's something I can learn from.
Throwing people out of a game is like riding a bike- once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.- Ron Luciano
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