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Originally Posted by legend
Here's the situation: Runner on second base 1 out, Fly ball to center field, Center fielder catches the ball throws the ball back into the pitcher during this the runner at second thinks that there are 3 outs and starts to leave the field. His steps take him towards the 1st. base dugout, the runner leaves the baseline taking about 6-7 steps. His base coach yells for him to get back on the base, as he returns to the base the home plate umpire calls him out. I agree with the call but the ump got hammered by the other teams coaches. Is the call correct?
What rules?

The rules all have some statement to the effect of "obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base." For OBR, JEA gives an "authoritative opinion" that the runner must reach foul territory (iirc). There's no such opinion / interp for other codes.

The umpire's call can certainly be supported.
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