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Selling the close play at the plate.


I was the PU last night for 13-15 year old play off game. R3, pass ball to my right and R3 coming in to score. I cleared to my left, F2 retrieved the ball and came back to tag R3. R3 came in sliding on the inside of the plate. He missed the plate by about two inches. He got to the plate area before the tag. F2 tagged him and I called him out. I was the only one, with the exception of F2, who could see that he missed the plate. Everyone else thought he was safe. Manager went ballistic. I let him go off for about 15 seconds, maybe less. I warned him and that quieted him down.

My question is: Could I have added anything to sell that call better? When I'm on the bases, I'll say “On the tag" or "No tag" or "Under the tag" something like that. I could not think of anything to say on this call. Thinking back now, perhaps I could have emphatically said " He's out. He missed the plate." Would any of you add anything to a plate call and if so what would it be?
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