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[QUOTE=mbyron]This is incorrect: based on what you've said you're awarding bases in every situation from time of throw. You've made it sound as if the crucial difference in base awards depends on where the runner is, which is not correct.

For the OP, the catch attempt does not count as a play, so the throw to 1B is the first play by an infielder. Thus, the award is 2 bases from the time of pitch - when the pitcher begins motion to the plate. R1 to 3B, BR to 2B.

The runner is awarded two bases from where they were at time of pitch (not throw) when the ball is thrown out of play and is the first play made on the infield. If the throw is the second or subsequent play made from the infield or is a throw from the outfield, the runner is awarded two bases from the last base the runner touched from the time of the throw. Thanks for catching that. I had throw on my mind because I was adding subsequent plays or throws from the outfield that go into dead ball areas. I havn't had my coffee yet. I'll just leave it as written since this post explains what happened.
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