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Originally Posted by TussAgee11
Had this scenario today, just wanted to get some thoughts on it.

R1 stealing, line drive to F5, who bobbles, then chases the ball down and throws into DBT.

I award R1 home (after thinking in my head for about 3 seconds about whether this should still be the first play by an infielder). He was past 2nd at the TOT.

The reason I ruled this was two fold. First off (and I'm sure this doesn't matter but it went into my logic for the 3 seconds I thought), F5 had to make more than a step and reach to retrieve the ball. I thought perhaps since he would no longer be a privledged fielder, his throw wasn't the first play anymore.

Also, I thought, what if a R1 beat out a throw to second, and then F4 threw into DBT. That isn't still the first play by an infielder, home should be awarded.

So, thoughts, and rules citations?
A "catch attempt" is not a play (at least for the purposes of this rule). So the throw to first was the first play. Two bases TOP (unless BR and all runners had reached the next base).
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