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Jurassic Referee...

Much has happened since that was published. The UIL in Texas was going to give the LSOA free office space (they have it available in the current space they rent), free telephone/fax service (they have the lines available in their current service), allow the LSOA to put their accounts under their umbrella so the audit and internal controls would govern, assist in developing a uniform training program, encourage the school districts in the areas historcially serviced by those chapters to use LSOA officials, etc. They would also sanction the LSOA making it eligible to have their officials assigned playoff games. Basically, all the LSOA had to do was hire an executive director and pay him/her.

All this was agreed to by the #2 at UIL prior to the votes and before that publication...but #1 suddenly said "" They used the reasoning that with the newly mandated random testing of athletes they did not have the resources to help the LSOA get off the ground. Additionally, I have heard from multiple sources I trust, that the 5 that worked to start the LSOA were brought before the TASO Ethics Board and have been suspended.

Therefore, unless one of the chapters wants to go solo...we are all still part of TASO. Our chapter voted to "Give the Board of Directors permission and authority to withdraw from TASO only if the new organization was formed and deemed to have the ability to function effectively." We also filled out the paperwork necessary to renew with TASO and move to LSOA (we always pay the dues to the chapter, who in turns pays the state body). Thus, we definetly are staying with TASO, and the paperwork and dues have been submitted to TASO...per our President.
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