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Based solely on the info offered by Tony, I have no problem with U1's call, coach confirmed it. As stated before, a call like that, the umpire needs to be 110% sure of the call and in this case, apparently the umpire was.

U1 should have killed the play immediately upon U3's call, not waited on the play.

U3 was 2-3 off foul line, but it isn't indicated which side of the line. If foul, and some umpires like to stay in foul territory, U3 was out of position. OTOH, PU & U3 may not know the rules and, from Tony's post, did interject themselves inappropriately. PU's job is to control the situation and should have been concerned with what U1 saw to cause the OBS call, not go with a call just because it occured in the vicinity not covered by the calling umpire.

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