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Two questions, and yes these are serious...because I think they can color the potential outcome.

1. Is U3 known as an umpire who won't call obstruction/interference.
2. Is U1 known as an umpire who is "Mr. Obstruction/Mr. Interference."

I know I have no credibility, BUT I believe there are people with at least the reputations of perhaps seeing obstruction/interference when it's likely not there...and by the same token (yes, I know, that is an overused trite phrase, overused and nothing but filler) there are people who don't call it.

As for the umpire leaving the field, THAT is uncalled for. Even sickos like me who are a big brown blotch on this avocation don't do that. This person should not only be blackballed, but also drawn and quartered.
An ucking fidiot
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