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Originally Posted by AtlUmpSteve
There is a major hullabaloo in our area, because of something that happened in an ASA 16A berth tournament. Regardless the ruleset, it has more to do with umpire protocol.

Three umpire system, they enter the 8th, a tiebreaker inning. Runner on 2nd, obviously; U1 in B, U3 in D. Batter bunts, play is made to 3rd to attempt to put out the lead runner. U3 comes up with a major sell out on a close play; and as the dust clears, U1 comes charging across and announces "NO!! I have obstruction!!"

With these contradictory calls, the PU conducts a crew meeting. U3 was right on top of the play, and U1 insists he saw F5 block the runner with a foot before the ball arrives. PU casts his vote with the original calling umpire, U3, right on top of the play, with only that responsibility (U1 is supposed to be watching BR touch first, take her into 2nd if she goes to draw a play, not watching the play at 3rd). PU announces the original "out" call will stand; U1 shakes his head and walks off the field in disagreement, since they "can't overrule him". I don't even want to discuss how I feel about him walking off the field at that point in the game.

Comments would be interesting, but I want to try this as a poll, too. How many of you take literally that any umpire can and should call obstruction or interference anywhere on the field, even if it is obviously an overrule of a judgment that there was no obstruction? How many believe U1 has no business making this particular call from 70', regardless the statement that any umpire can and should call interference? How many think is depends; but not in this case? And finally, how many think it depends, but would do it in this case?
I didn't vote on the poll because I think your second choice doesn't match the second possibility in your text. As a "none of the above" vote, I say that an umpire can and should call OBS/INT anywhere/anytime but that discretion and it being part of the actual play that is another ump's call means wait to be asked. Call OBS/INT anywhere/anytime applies when the act of OBS/INT is away from another ump's call.
Officiating takes more than OJT.
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