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Both I and my partner keep a good line-up card recording subs, conferences, etc.. It never takes more than 30 seconds to record a change.

The other night however, we had a batter out of order - reported to us by the opposing team. She was reported to come in for #1 on defense, but 3 innings later was batting for #3, while #1 was still in the line-up. The coach explained that she "mistold" us #1 and that she meant #3 - which meant that had already batted for #3 two innings ago.

The coach was really ticked that we did not "catch" this error for 3 full innings. Is it really our place as umpires to make sure that batter is correct each at bat? I wouldn't think that part of an umpire's job is "preventative" in this case. For me, I let them bat, not checking the line-up unless I need to.
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