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Originally posted by PAblue87
In high School ball, at least in PA, we are told that when the pitcher is in the stretch and getting his sign, he CANNOT break the plain when turning to look at first base. Remember, this is before coming set. In NCAA or OBR that is not seen as a balk.
What "plain" (sic)?

I assume you are referring to 6-1-1 "Turning the shoulders to check runners while in contact with the pitcher's plate is a balk." That rule mentions nothing about a plane.

Who calls it in H.S., is it ticky tack? or by the book? to call this balk. Coaches complain, no one else calls that Blue? What to do?
When a coach tells me, "no one else calls that." I respond, "Thank you." After all, he's telling me that I'm the first umpire to properly enforce the rule, isn't he?
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