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One of the best games I ever worked. I get a call from my assignor at 2 pm asking if I can work a game at 4. I say where and after he tells me I say sure. I show up at 3:30 and no partner in sight. At 3:45 I dress for plate, still no partner in sight. At 3:55 I am at the plate meeting to explain to the coaches. "Guys, I did not have this game until 2:00 and I don't know who my partner is supposed to be and it's obvious he is not here so we have 3 choices. One, we start the game and hope he shows up. Two, we delay until he does show up, and since he is not here that might be awhile. Three, we all go home." They opted for option one, partner didn't show and I worked a 2-1 game in 1:20, and they wrote me a check afterwards for $85. Only one close call on the bases in the whole game (steal of 2B).

The winning run scored in the bottom of 6th, with score 1-1 with 1 out and R3, a ground ball was hit back to F1 and he threw to 1B allowing R3 to score. He could have easily thrown home for play on advancing R3. He must have thought there were two outs. Visitors failed to score in top of 7th and that was the game.

Games here, V and JV are always scheduled 2 man. It is RARE for partner to not show. I always give three choices, but it has never happened to me in a really important game between conference opponents with something on the line. I expect they would want a delay in this case.
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