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Originally Posted by LittleLeagueBob
I was thinking of trying the Tanel's next - I had heard they were also very comfortable - but this post has me worried - are they really not as comfortable??
I tried on a pair of New Balance plate shoes the other night. For me, they were not comfortable. There was something about the cut of the top of the shoe and where it hit my ankle bone that just didn't work for me. I've worn high and mid top shoes before and not had a problem so it was unique to the New Balance. Other than the ankle problem they were comfortable enough, but I'd say no more comfortable than my Tanels.

I've worn Tanels for three years and they are the most comfortable plate shoe I've worn. It's a matter of personal preference. What is comfortable for one person may not be for another. The best thing is to try the Tanels yourself and see.
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