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I hear what you all are saying, but...

Originally Posted by etn_ump
If you try the New Balance 450 plate shoes, you will never, ever wear anything else behind the plate. I've tried them all, +POS, Gerry Davis, Honigs, Tanels, absolutely nothing compares. Do your feet a favor and try them!
ok - I'm sitting here right now w/a pair of 450s and my shinguards on (yes, my family thinks I'm nuts!) - and they just don't seem to mesh well. The wrap-around sides are bulging out over the high top sides, and the instep plate cuts into the front of the shinguards (not the flap, the guards themselves) when I bend forward to walk. So...while I do love the way they feel on my feet (I got the 350s - very comfy!) - I'm not enjoying the way the work w/my shinguards. I've not had high-tops before - is it something you get used to? (btw - my shinguards are the +POS 315s).

I was thinking of trying the Tanel's next - I had heard they were also very comfortable - but this post has me worried - are they really not as comfortable??
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