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Thanks for your quick response ... your descriptions sounds a little different. Actually, here's how I remember twenty-one:

To start the game one person shoots from the free throw line, if the shot is made, it's worth 3 points but if missed then the second person gets the rebound and shoots from where he/she grabs the rebound - if they miss, then the first person grabs the rebound but if the shot is made, it's worth 2 points and they go to the free throw line and keeps shooting until they miss (each "made" shot counting 1 point) at which point the first player grabs the rebound. There's a catch as players accumulate points - if a player reaches 20 points and fails to get 21 points with the next shot, they go back down to 15 points.

Basically rebound shots are worth 2 points and after a successful rebound shot, the shots from the free throw line are worth 1 point. However, my rules were challenged recently. It was pointed out that rebound shots were worth 1 point and subsequent shots from the free throw line were worth 2 points. Using this scoring system, it was possible to have 20 points and have the next shot (from the free throw line) give them 22 points ... this was never possible under the scoring rules that I remembered. To me, if the game is called twenty-one, having the possiblity of 22 points under their scoring rules is just wrong.

Sorry about the long winded post, but can you or anyone verify the rules. Once again thanks for any help.
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