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Hey all,

I do use the Honig's patent leather plate shoes, the K-99, formerly KCHS. They do look like the K-90 plate shoes and are completely patent OTHER THAN the side panel around the middle of the foot. They do clean easily and look pretty good, as well. I have not had any problem with cracking or any other problem associated with the PL. I have used these for about 1.5 years to this point.

Comfort... They are a comfortable shoe, and I have done multiple games in one day and the feet were not any worse for wear than would be expected from being on the field for @ 6 hours. They have a steel, not composite toe, and I have been hit on the toe, metatarsal guard and side of the foot with no ill effects. I did catch one by the edge of the steel toe that "buzzed" or vibrated it a little, but no damage to the shoe, or more importantly, me!

With that being said, I have recently become a convert to New Balance shoes and I am considering the 350's for base shoes and the 450's as plate shoes when the Honig's shoes I have require replacing. Not that the Honig's are bad, just that the NB shoes I do have are really comfortable.

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