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I would assume that they look very similar to their K90 high top, seeing at they seem to keep the same look between their K80 and K70 shoes. However, I do not know for sure.

If you are seriously considering a pair of GD patent leather high tops, I have a pair of 9.5's if you happen to wear that size.

For anyone else viewing this thread...if you have tried the Honig's Patent Leather shoes, please comment on their durability. I can speak highly of the GD patent leather shoes...they wear very well. A fellow blue that was in our bunk room at LL Central Region umpire school a couple of years ago had a pair of Honig's patent leather shoes....and he was NOT happy with them at all. They had begun to crack, and apparently he had not had them very long.

My understanding is that they have addressed some problems such as this since their first offering. So, any comments would be appreciated.

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