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Warning!! Danger!! Annual Off-topic Baseball Thread '07!! Beware!!

Lock the old thread, baby, it's OPENING DAY!!!

Opening night is a gimmick. Gimme day baseball! Yankees first pitch is in an hour. Red Sox at 4 today against that powerhouse and ancient rival -- the KC Royals. Morning radio shows today were saying that Schilling would miss his start today after being hit by a car while crossing the road. Obviously, an April Fool joke, but my daughter was very concerned.

Since nothing has really happened yet (although JR may want to mock the Cards' skipper for last night's loss), here's a little historical tidbit to tide us over:

I know it's only April 2, but on May 2, 1917 (almost 90 years ago, depending on how many significant digits you're using) opposing pitchers for the Cubs and Reds pitched no-hitters against each other in the same game. Fred Tony of Cincinnati maintained his no-hitter through the 10th inning, when the Reds finally got to Chicago's Hippo Vaughn for two hits and an unearned run. The Reds won, 1-0.

Also, I'd like to say how cool it is that these baseball threads are so popular, despite some dissent. The three most popular threads ever on the basketball forum have been off-topic baseball threads. One other makes the top 6, and one other was deleted (not that I'm bitter. . .).

So happy Opening Day!
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