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There seems to be something missing from the second situation. My interpretation is that the calling official didn't count the basket on the original shot attempt (either because the ball didn't go in or he didn't see it, doesn't matter), thus he awarded two FT's. The other official (administering) only awarded one FT because he thought the original shot was good.

This does not change Nevada's correct reply as to how to handle this in terms of being a correctable error, if indeed the basket was no good and thus we have a failure to award a merited FT.

The question that I have though is what do we do if the adminstering official that thought the basket was good is right. This doesn't seem to fall under the correctable error rule unless you count it as "erroneously canceling a score" and its certainly not a "failure to award a merited FT" (or is it, if the basket isn't counted). What kind of error is this and how do we handle it? Is it one of those oops we kicked it, but since we didn't count the basket, we can go back and award the FT?
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