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Well then if that is the ruling that was used in your first situation, the official would have had to charge that individual player with a foul which counts towards one of her five for disqualification. Using the other rule that I provided would only saddle the team with one team foul and no one else with anything. So not only do I think that rule is more specific for the situation, but it is also a more fair penalty.

As for you second question about the proper time frame to correct the error, it does not matter how much time comes off the game clock or how much real time has passed. The proper window is measured in the number of live and dead balls that have occurred. This is detailed in 2-10-2 that I posted above.

So once the clock started when the missed FT was rebounded, the error of not awarding the second FT would have to be recognized during the next dead ball. If that dead ball were permitted to become live again, then it is too late to go back and fix this. Note that the scoring of a goal results in a dead ball. So if either team scored a basket during the subsequent play before the error was recognized, then once the throw-in started it was too late to fix the error.

Lastly, the players would only be permitted on the lane and the game continued from the result of the second FT, as you stated it was, if the shooting team had rebounded the miss and maintained possession without any dead balls taking place until the recognition of the error, otherwise the POI should have been used. That is what 2-10-6 says. Given the amount of playing time you say took place, it is highly likely that the official administered this incorrectly.

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