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Originally Posted by wadeintothem
Getting geared up ready to go. I need top notch Leg Guards. I've researched the threads Re UmpShins and Gerry Davis - I dont think they will work for me.

I work of course up to Girls 18Gold but also Mens FP and Boys 18U Little Ball and I dont trust the two above. I've had my "once in a lifetime" shin shot (mens - with guards on) and it was the worst injury I've had as an umpire - I want to make sure it doesnt happen again.

I wear high top Plate Shoes.

So.. looking through the threads the ones that most interest me is Dakota's Diamond's:

What do you think Dakota? Considering my high tops (I wont change this) + have you taken a good shot with them?

Other suggestions welcome.. I dont want crab leg hockey goalie bulky suit of armor guards, but I want good protection and am not particularly concerned with saving a couple of bucks, good guards is what I want.

I also dont want guards that you have to wear compression pants because the guards are so uncomfortable. Comfort at the snaps and against the bear leg.
I use Diamonds that look almost identical to those. The difference is the ventilating holes aren't in mine. I have no complaints at all, and have taken some hard shots, both baseball and softball with no injury, bruising, etc. You know you've been hit, but really feel nothing. No problem with comfort either. I have thought of cutting off the foot flap, they aren't needed with my plate shoes, but in most softball I don't wear plate shoes, so I left them on.

I did (after initial strap adjustment) sew the strap ends together to keep them from loosening up. They will work loose and fall off!

Over the years, I have upgraded masks, chest protectors, cups and such, but the shin gaurds have always been fine!
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