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Originally Posted by Steve M
You asked Tom, but I'll jump in here too.
Those guards will probably work. When you deal with the folks at Lesters', talk with them, they have been very good in quality, service, and timeliness when I have dealt with them. Dunno if he still does, but Lester used to post on this board.

As to leg guards, I had one of those shots using the UmpShins and you're right. I had to check to see if I actually had them on. It hurt for some time. Now I use the baseball version of the UmpShins and have taken shots with no problem. I think the difference is that this model is a little thicker and it is ribbed. I have worn them in baseball games, but only when I didn't have the West Vest stuff with me. Oh, I also wear high tops. They are not an issue.
Hey thanks steve.

The west vest ones are comfortable enough you dont have to wear under armor pants?

I liked to died last summer wearing those things soley for leg guard comfort... I'm done with wearing those pants.
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