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Leg Guard thread #34323 attn Dakota

Getting geared up ready to go. I need top notch Leg Guards. I've researched the threads Re UmpShins and Gerry Davis - I dont think they will work for me.

I work of course up to Girls 18Gold but also Mens FP and Boys 18U Little Ball and I dont trust the two above. I've had my "once in a lifetime" shin shot (mens - with guards on) and it was the worst injury I've had as an umpire - I want to make sure it doesnt happen again.

I wear high top Plate Shoes.

So.. looking through the threads the ones that most interest me is Dakota's Diamond's:

What do you think Dakota? Considering my high tops (I wont change this) + have you taken a good shot with them?

Other suggestions welcome.. I dont want crab leg hockey goalie bulky suit of armor guards, but I want good protection and am not particularly concerned with saving a couple of bucks, good guards is what I want.

I also dont want guards that you have to wear compression pants because the guards are so uncomfortable. Comfort at the snaps and against the bear leg.

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