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I think they need to do a better job of defiing a "gambler" or those with problems. Important scientific data I have not seen in any of the articles.

I love to play blackjack, I have pulled a few one-armed bandits, I buy powerball tickets every so often, I play bingo with my grandma every now and then, but I do not,and have not bet on a single game, horse, or dog race. I do get in the NCAA office pool, but if I was going to be working tourney games, you better believe I would not be one.

Bottom line, Be it blackjack, slots, bingo or the lottery, it is all a gamble, therefore I am a gambler. But aside from a stray march office pool, I have never bet on a sporting event, so to me the line is meaningless. I hope you don't think I need to get out of officiating. There are a lot of us who do the same and there would be a huge void if we all walked away.

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