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How far in advance does the NCAA release the names of who is working the games? I find it hard to believe one of us would bet on or throw a game they were working, but I'm sure they get contacted as well. If Mike Miller can have an agent call 45 times, how many times do you think a bookie would call a ref? Let's hear from the D1 guys, ever been contacted before a game? And I agree, let's see who supposedly did bet. Protecting them does nothing for the game, makes us all look bad, and gives the NCAA more reasoning for background checks. Actually, this story seems too good to be true for the NCAA on that issue.
PS - Would someone explain to me how a criminal background check would uncover a ref who currently has a gambling problem or be under the thumb of an unsavory character? True, there may be a few out there with gambling convictions in the past, but how often is your average bettor(not bookie) arrested for illegal gambling?
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