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Originally Posted by wmblue
Former association president speaks at our mechanics and rules clinics the other night on what rules we should enforce and which rules to ignore.

He continues and spits out such gems as, as long as F6/F4 is within 3' of the bag with the ball, call the runner out, and if the ball beats the runner by a lot, the runner is always out.

It should be interesting next week, we were told we'd never wear numbers as we had more than 100 members, we've got 99 now, it will be interesting to see how that works. We also have huge arguments over switching to black/cream for summer ball.
Sounds like some bad advice is being given, but ask yourself why you are umpiring and follow your conscience.

Numbers on shirts cost money so unless they are required it don't make sense and if required try to get a single digit number.
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