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Well after a few calls with Mary Struckhoff (spelling?) going back and forth this morning it was determined that if he accepted the men's assigment he would be pulled from the women's tournament. So it looks like it may never be possible to work both tourneys in the same year. However last year two Officials worked both the men and women's big sky final so in confrence tournaments it is possible. They also worked other confrence tournaments.

IREFU2 there are very few officials who work both Men and Women's D-I. I can think of 4 at the moment but I'm sure there are more out there. 2 of them excel in both as well. It's not easy but it sure is possible.

reffish, he's also working a first round game in chicago. I doubt they'll work together but that sure would be cool. He'll find out what game he works on Thursday I think, I'll let you know off the board what game it is. Some guys are going to get together and try to watch his and chris' games. I'll keep you posted.
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