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Almost Malicious contact ?

Fed rules. Working solo on a JV game. Runner on 2B. Hit to RF. After F9 gets done bobbling,dropping and kicking the ball we have a Play at the plate.
F2 is standing on the 1B side of homeplate. Throw comes in. F2 catches it , lunges towards runner who didn't slide. Think Jeremy Giambi kinda deal. SO the only contact I have is pretty much F2 applying the tag. I have safe. I am being evaluated and after the game I was told I should have called for runner out for not sliding. "Because it's a safety issue," So I nod my head and Thought thats wrong. Don't I have to actually have malicious contact to call the runner out and eject at that point.
I agree the runner should have slid-she didn't -but I still had no malicious contact and ended up with minimal contact....

What say you ?
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