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Originally Posted by hbioteach
11:30 Backcourt long switch
11:45 Same arm used to count inbounds as 10 sec count
12:25 lead official in free throw lane 1st of 2 attemps
12:29 green contact with free thrower/no warning
12:34 trail official doesn't close down goes other way on second free throw
12:55 trail puts arms out to side to indicate no 5 second count (not a high school mechanic)
13:30 trail official does not close down on 3 pt attempt
14:29 never seen that foul call mechanic in book
14:54 Trail moves over to see ball on other side (nice job)
15:13 Lead positioned under basket to give to thrower
15:42 trail moving away from nasket on 3 pt attempt
15:47 trail finally gets back to referee the play
16:38 trail moves down as ball moves into leads area(nice job)

Some things I saw watching a few minutes.
Perhaps you are the one who needs some work on your NFHS mechanics.

Remember these officials were using the 2-man system, and in the 2005-07 NFHS Officials Manual on page 38 there appears: (the bold is from the NFHS, not me)
"234. The officials shall always change positions after each foul is called. The "free" is responsible to force the change of positions prior to putting the ball in play. It shall be emphasized that the procedures for calling a player-control foul, or one of the nonshooting fouls, are the same as for any other foul call described, including the changing of positions before the ball is handed to the thrower."

So the officials were correct by the national mechanics manual to switch on this rebounding foul against the offensive team, which occurred in the new backcourt. Perhaps your local association teaches not to make this switch. There are a few which do that. However, you need to understand that it is your association which is doing the mechanics incorrectly, not these two officials from Idaho.
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