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Poor Mechanics mostly

11:30 Backcourt long switch
11:45 Same arm used to count inbounds as 10 sec count
12:25 lead official in free throw lane 1st of 2 attemps
12:29 green contact with free thrower/no warning
12:34 trail official doesn't close down goes other way on second free throw
12:55 trail puts arms out to side to indicate no 5 second count (not a high school mechanic)
13:30 trail official does not close down on 3 pt attempt
14:29 never seen that foul call mechanic in book
14:54 Trail moves over to see ball on other side (nice job)
15:13 Lead positioned under basket to give to thrower
15:42 trail moving away from nasket on 3 pt attempt
15:47 trail finally gets back to referee the play
16:38 trail moves down as ball moves into leads area(nice job)

Some things I saw watching a few minutes.
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