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Ill give a list of some things that I think are most important in being considered a quality official.

1. Appearance----meaning Posture, you can sell alot with a look of confidence.

2. Sharp Mechanics-------- be crisp, but dont over officiate. Dont draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

3. Judgement------ being consistent. See it happen then make the call. One of the greatest philosophies that I have learned over time.

4. Communication-----being aware of whats going on, clock, fouls, relaying messages amongst other officials.

5. Game mangagement------interaction with other officials and score keeper and timer. They are your best friends at the time, be their best friend as well.
1 and 2 are at the top of the list for what you can do, but Politics is above them. Period.

Going to camps helps your chances.

#5 as far as the table goes, no way that helps anyone. JMO
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