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I would add that it is really hard to ever say someone is the best official in the state; unless you watch a lot of basketball and travel the state, you will have only seen a fraction of the best officials. I can tell you that boise has a number of top notch officials that never even make it to state because of the limited number of spots and the quota system for choosing officials; the coaches pick the refs, which is hardly a system for finding the "best in the state." Plus, and this is just my opinion, the top guys are all so similar; trying to say one is the best is basically a crap shoot; they all do a great job and have nearly identical philosophies -- stay the heck out of the way, referee the defense, and use perfect mechanics.

On another note, since you seem to have watched the game, not sure if you noticed the push from the star player for Skyview that occured only moments before the intentional foul. Neither official approached him to settle him down and tell him that it would be a stupid way to finish his high school career (or however you choose to give warnings). Either they completely missed it, which is unfortunate, or they decided it was minor. We will never know, but preventative officiating might have avoided the ensuing intentional and ugly finish to the game. Might! He also may have completely ignored the warning. Just something else I took away from that game.

Not official bashing, just some lessons
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