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I apologize. My comment about 'Rethinking point B' was prompted by more than 40 years of organized baseball. I forget that we are dealing here with other levels. The difficulty in applying B as expressed is that it is often not a black/white situation. One example, the pitcher is in his stretch looking toward second. When he comes around he sees tha batter has stepped out of the box and the catcher and PU are in their normal positions. He is annoyed and fires the pitch at the batter's left temple. (Happened in a game between Bayamon and Ponce). The PU was saved from a decision because the riot ended the contest. In the locker room he said he was going to call the pitch 'legal' and a strike because of 'delay of game'; and then warn the manager and the pitcher. Is that what would happen in High School and college, assuming our lads are too sophisticated to take up arms.
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