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Originally Posted by drinkeii
Comes back to "How can you call it different at different points in the game?" - the rules either say to call it ot not to. That's what I'm asking. Do the rules support a call which is advantageous to the team, but not to the player? (Obviously, the player was fouled, but it was to the team's advantage to keep playing - this is the situation).

Some people call this game management - i feel it is an excuse not to call things because you don't want to call them, for whatever reason.

I don't think you are really asking anything. You are getting some really solid answers and keep disagreeing. I think you are trying to make a point and are posing it as a question. You want every foul called by the book. Go ahead and ref that way if you really feel that is the way it should be done. I wouldn't do it that way.
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