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Originally Posted by boyinblue24
I don't wanna make anyone mad but how is this right? I always thought that the BU always had the first call on bag, never the PU (that is the BU always has the first call if he saw the play. Just had to clarify that). Oh, & by the way I always thought that the outfield was divided into three parts (as in Plate Work, diagram 4-1B). I state this b/c Uncle George said that it was the BU's call if a ball went pass the bag. True, but you must be more specific where you are talking about that the BU can make the call. The PU has the call anywhere from the left side of rubber all the way to the wall & the right side of the rubber all the way to the wall to make a call (if the ball enters the outfield). The BU has everywhere in between. Hope this is right. If not please don't bite my head off.
First of all, be very cautious when using Uncle George as a rules or mechanics reference, because he is often wrong.

Second, where are you getting some of this stuff? The BU has absolutely no fair or foul call when working inside the diamond. Period. He only has fair/foul on balls hit past the bag at 1st base when working in "A" position on the 1st base line, or when he goes out from that position. Where do you get this "left side" and "right side" of the rubber stuff?
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