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Originally Posted by rei
I should add that when I am working with a somewhat "weak" partner who I may or may not trust to make the right call, I cover check swings in my pre-game with them, and tell them how I want it called! I explain that they can call it any way they want with other partners, but would prefer for this game for them to call it the way I do. This sort of get's around the problem of them thinking that somebody else's interpretation is the proper one.
Now you have me a little curious. You tell them how you want a checked swing called? Could you clarify this? Do you tell them, "Just agree with what I called if they ask for an appeal," or do you explain what constitutes a checked swing?

If it's the first, I would have to disagree with that advice/ request. I've had partners say that to me, and my form response has become, "If you ask me for help, I'll give you what I got. If you don't want my opinion, don't ask."

I've seen crews get into trouble when they had an agreement to 'just agree' with the PU.
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