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I referenced this exact incident in the "I'm done" thread...

We all shouldn't be shocked that this umpire intentionally called a safe runner "out". While not all umpires do this...all umpires do KNOW umpires who will use a "call" as a means (of attempting to) control an unruly player. How many of us have heard war stories of umpires telling a catcher to set-up well of the plate after the batter has whined about some calls...and then called a "strike" when the pitch hits the catcher's mitt?

What we should be shocked about is that he admitted a coach. Again, he lacks common sense.

This is not an AMLU exclusive issue. Using this to attack the AMLU is stupid (unless you're trying to say that all AMLU umpires are this stupid, and only an AMLU umpire would admit it to a coach...which is still stupid). I've heard these war stories from NCAA, NFHS umpires just as often.

As an aside I can look everyone and anyone in the eye and say I've never done this. I don't play these silly games...I just dump the relevant rat. My rationale is: why lower myself to his standards? I wasn't known as "Mr. Red A$$" at umpire school for nothing.

I'll get off my pedestal now.

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