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No, the point of his post was that he only respects people's opinions who have actually tried an HSM. The point I'm making is that he should respect those who choose not to try them. Their opinion is just as important as anyone else's opinion. Just like my opinion here is just as valid and important as the point you are trying to make.

I didn't miss any point. Your point is your point, and you look at everything from your point of view. I have my own point I'm making here, and you keep arguing with me about what the damn point is. Whether he respects others' opinions is the issue here, for me, and only for me, apparently.

I was not responding to your point to begin with. My post was separate from yours. All you had to say on the subject was that he would never learn. I had other things I felt like saying. Me, not you, OK? I mean, is it alright if I express my own opinions, make my own points?
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