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Originally Posted by nickrego
If you choose to switch to an HSM, be prepared to take a lot of flack from "Old Fart, Stick In The Mud" types.

But remember, the inability of the Dinosaur to Improve and Adapt, lead to it's demise !

Go for it.
Just so you know I know several very good umpires that decided to make the change and I do not know of anyone giving them crap over it. From my point of view, this seems more like an internet discussion rather than a real world discussion. This is a personal choice all the way. If it works for you I know I do not personally care and I have never heard anyone outside of this board make a big deal about this topic either way. There are Major League Umpires that use helmets and I do not see why anyone cares if it helps you call the game or be safe. I have chosen not to make that move for completely personal reasons. I would not like a helmet from everything I know at this time.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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