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However, I am really confused about the whole NCAA monitor usage rules.

2-11-1e is: "Erroneously counting or canceling a score."

and previously we have:

Rule 2

Section 5. Officials Use of Replay/Television Equipment

Art. 1.

Officials may use official courtside replay equipment, videotape

or television monitoring that is located on a designated courtside table
(i.e., within approximately 3 to 12 feet of the playing court), when such
equipment is available only in situations as follows:
a. A determination if a fight occurred and the individuals who
participated or left the bench area;

b. A determination as to who shall attempt a free throw(s) when there

is uncertainty;

c. An assessment whether correctable errors 2-11.1.c, d or e need to be rectified;

So I am confused by that as well as by the apparent prohibition of looking for whether a try beat the LED lights in 2-5-3d and how that fits with 2-5-2 which only talks about looking for 0.00 on the game clock and the recent guideline memos which give the priority ranking of game clock, LED lights, and then horn.

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