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Do not miss represent my post or opinion. I said nothing in the article had anything to do with what caused Matheny's concussion. I think you need to learn to comprehend what you read, because it the article was just about Matheny retiring and blamed it on concussions. It did not say "why" he got concussions in the first place. Anyone with a college degree in social sciences or the hard sciences knows you need some evidence to make such a claim.

Personally I do not have a dog in this fight. I have never had a concussion. BTW, football players get them all the time and they have a helmet too.

Here are 3 different quotes in the article. The last is not based on research, but a personal belief.

"A concussion is a shaking of the brain that causes chemical changes. Athletes suffer an estimated 300,000 of them nationwide each year, according to the Sports Concussion Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Most recover fully, but experts believe a person who suffers a concussion is more prone in the future."

With a single concussion, you're going to recover," said Dr. Micky Collins, assistant director of the University of Pittsburgh concussion center where Matheny has been treated. "The problem is, when you have a concussion and undergo these chemical changes, you're a lot more vulnerable if you have a second before the first one is recovered."

Matheny uses the hockey-style mask preferred by some catchers for its better sight lines, and he was initially convinced it contributed to his concussion. But the Giants enlisted two testing centers to compare the impact resistance of the hockey mask to the traditional catcher's mask -- and, so far, they appear to offer similar protection.
Also for the record I am not taking a side here. I wear a traditional mask because I see no reason to wear a hockey style mask.

I guess my background where just writing a basic research paper, if I came up with this article as evidence of a position, I would get a big stinking F.

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