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What does any of this have to do with one piece of equipment vs. another piece of equipment?

Not trying to be funny, there was nothing in the article that even talked about this issue. And if I am not mistaken Matheny used a helmet. At least there have been several catchers on the Cardinals that have worn helmets over the last few years. I cannot remember if Matheny was any different. The problem is nothing in the article even addressed why he had concussions and what caused them all. All we know is he had them after one time he was hit in the mask with a ball. Matheny could have received a concussion years ago (possibly undiagnosed) for some other reason than a foul ball hitting him in the helmet or mask for all we know. And it is assumed that when you have one concussion, you are susceptible to more concussions in the future. I know of catchers that got concussions for getting ran over at home plate. Also some people are more likely to get concussions than others. Concussions are caused by the brain hitting the walls of your skull, not just for getting hit in the head.

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